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3M Fibrlok 2601 CATV Meters

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Fibrlok is a universal mechanical splice which can be used wherever quick and secure splice connections are required. Assembly time is typically less than half a minute after preparing the fibre ends. The splice consists of a highly resistant plastic base, body and lid in which a metallic element provides the connection. The metal element with its three changeable areas, offset from one another by 120 degrees, surrounds the optical fibres to be connected and compensates for any differences in outer diameters. Fibres can be repositioned in the splice if required.

3M Fibrlok 2601

The universal splice utilises a single cleave length for both 250µm and 900µm coated fibres and has the ability to compensate for variations in fibre outer diameter for improved yield and performance. The splice can be used for both singlemode and multimode fibres with a 125µm diameter.

The mechanical splices of the 2600 series are suited both for 125µm singlemode and multimode fibres with a 250µm coating. Multi Fibrlok can be used with both ribbon fibres and single fibres that have been ribbonised with the 2670 ribbon construction kit. Colour coded locking caps help identify the type. 4 fibre and 12 fibre ribbon options are available.

Fibrlok 2601


  • 3M FibrLok 2601 Multi Fiber Optical Splice Preparation Kit
  • FibrLok Multi-Fiber Magnifying Lens Assembly
  • Microstrip Precision Fiber Stripper
  • Noyes Hi-Lite Pocket VFL
  • FibrLok Multi-fiber Holder Assembly
    • Red – 4
    • Green – 6
    • Blue – 8
    • Grey – 10
    • Yellow – 12
  • Multi-Fiber Stripper Tube Guides
    • Yellow  – 12 Fiber Bonded
    • Grey – 10 Fiber Bonded
    • Light Blue – 8 Fiber Bonded
    • Green – 6 Fiber Bonded
    • White – AT&T ASR
    • Blue – 250
    • Red – 900
  • Alcohol Wash Bottle
  • Lint Free Wiping Cloths
  • Wire Brush

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