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AFL Noyes DFS 1 400X CATV Meters

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AFL Noyes DFS1 Digital Fiber Scope

The DFS1 Digital FiberScope supports magnified video inspection of optical fiber connector end-faces during fiber optic cable and connector installation and maintenance. The ergonomically designed hand-held unit illuminates fiber end-faces and delivers magnified images via USB port to AFL’s M-series OTDRs(M200, M700) or C-series OTDRs and Certification Testers (C840, C850, C860, C880). FiberScope software displays, labels, and stores captured images as part of connector installation and/or maintenance records.

AFL Noyes DFS 1 400X

A large adjustment knob permits easy focusing using real-time view. Once focused, a conveniently located trigger button signalsthe attached display device to capture the image for analysis and archiving. The scope’s ergonomic shape and control locations support comfortable, single-handed operation.

The DFS1 is powered through the USB port, eliminating the need for an additional battery or AC power supplies. Electronic video inspection eliminates all danger of eye damage from active (lit) fibers carrying either visible or infraredwavelengths.

DFS 1 400X

An extensive assortment of adapterssupportsinspection of a wide range of optical jumper cable connector ferrules and bulkhead adapters. Bulkhead adapter tips are available in multiple lengths as well as 60° angle. Connector adapters are available for PC, UPC, or APC polished ferrules in 1.25 mm, 2.5 mm and other diameters.

Features & Benefits:
– Ergonomic, hand held design
– One-handed operation
– 400x magnification
– Fast easy display capture
– Video output via USB port
– Powered from USB; no batteries required
– Adapter tips easily changed; no tools required
– Extensive assortment of interchangeable fiber connector and bulkhead adapter tips

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