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AFL Noyes OLTS 3 Fiber Optic Test

OLTS 3 Fiber Optical Loss Test Set

Noyes OLTS3 OLTS-3 SM Fiber Loss Test Set Models On Sale Warranty Calibration Backed by The Best Service and Lowest Prices in the Industry.

AFL Noyes OLTS 3


The OLTS 3 Optical Loss Test Set series offers end-to-end single-mode testing at either 1310/1550 nm

The OLTS 5 may be operated in automatic or manual test modes. In its “two-unit” automatic test mode, a pair of OLTS 3 test sets may be used to measure the end-to-end, bi-directional insertion loss of a pair of single-mode fibers at 1310/1550nm. Tests are started and controlled by the user from the OLTS 3 configured as the Main unit. Test progress messages and results are displayed on the Remote unit. Full test results can be reviewed and saved in the Main unit.

In its “single-unit” automatic test mode the OLTS 3 can measure bi-directional, dual-wavelength insertion loss of patch cords, or fiber optic cables while they are still on the reel.

In the manual operating mode individual OLTS 3 test sets can operate either as an optical power meter (OPM) or dual-wavelength laser source.


(1) MM ST To ST Fiber Patch Cord
(1) SM SC To SC Fiber Patch Cord
(1) SC Connector
(1) ST Connector


AFL Noyes OLTS 3 Spec Sheet

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